Dec 1, 2014

Popeyes Fries Up New Spice Box Chicken

Popeyes' latest special is new Spice Box Chicken, which features thin strips of white meat chicken marinated, battered, deep-fried, and then, tossed in a blend of 12 spices.

You might remember that I mentioned that the new item would probably be released in December and here it is.

If you're wondering why it's called "Spice Box Chicken," the company claims to be inspired by "the unique flavors found in spice boxes in many kitchens over Louisiana." While they don't name all 12 spices involved, the folks at Popeyes refer to them as a traditional Cajun blackening spice blend that includes red and black pepper, paprika, garlic, cumin, and celery seed.

Popeyes new Spice Box Chicken comes in a combo with Cajun fries (or side of your choice), a buttermilk biscuit, and Blackened Ranch dipping sauce for $3.99. It's available for a limited time through December 24, 2014.

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