Jan 31, 2015

Chobani's New Products Include Ancient Grains and Green Tea Yogurt

Chobani has introduced a number of new Greek yogurt products to start 2015 including Chobani Kids & Chobani Tots Greek Yogurt Pouches, Greek Yogurt Oat - Ancient Grain Blend, and Flip Creations.

Here are the latest Chobani products:

- Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats - New Ancient Grain Blend - An extension of Chobani's Greek yogurt with oatmeal, the new Ancient Grain Blend includes steel-cut oats, quinoa, chia, buckwheat, and amaranth mixed with Greek yogurt and fruit. It's available in two flavors: Mixed Berry 5-Grain and Apricot 5-Grain.

- Chobani Kids & Chobani Tots Greek Yogurt Pouches - Greek yogurt in individual squeezable pouches with no preservatives, added colors, high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch or other artificial ingredients used in other kids' yogurts. Chobani Kids' flavors include Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate Dust, Watermelon and Grape, while Chobani Tots's flavors are Banana & Pumpkin and Mango & Spinach.

- Two new Limited Batch Greek yogurt flavors - Grape and Green Tea Greek Yogurt - Limited-time flavors available while supplies last.

- Two new flavors of Chobani Flip Creations - Salted Caramel Crunch and Chocolate Haze Craze - Flip Creations features Greek yogurt with a cup of mix-ins in a flip-cup on the side.      

Two new Chobani Indulgent Greek yogurt flavors - Dulce de Leche Caramel & Dark Chocolate and Double Chocolate Chunk - Indulgent is Chobani's line of dessert Greek yogurts and was first introduced last year.

Two new Chobani Simply 100 Greek yogurt flavors - Tropical Citrus and Raspberry Lemon - Chobani's Simply 100 line is non-fat yogurt sweetened with stevia, monkfruit, and evaporated cane juice to come in at 100 calories per cup.

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