Jan 22, 2015

Coming Soon: New Sweetos, Sweet Cheetos

If you're ever wanted the Cheetos puff texture but sweet rather than the signature cheesy savory, it looks like the folks at Frito-Lay were thinking of you when they came up with new Sweetos.

Like the name suggests, they're a sweet version of Cheetos and they're coming soon.

Described as "cinnamon sugar puffs" on the bag, the first sweet snack ever from the Cheetos brand is set to arrive on store shelves late February as a limited-time, Easter-themed snack, according to USA Today.

The new snack will come in 7-oz bags with a suggested retail price of $3.49.

Frito-Lay is also looking into other sweet Cheetos flavors but aren't revealing their cards just yet.

Photo via Cheetos / Facebook.

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