Jan 7, 2015

Krystal Offers New Hushpups

Krystal introduces new Hushpups as a new limited-time side item. A variation on hush puppies, Hushpups feature Krystal's signature onions in the batter and are made from scratch.

Like Arby's new Jalapeno Hushpuppies, the new Hushpups arrival coincides with the arrival of a fish sandwich as the two are commonly paired.

Krystal's new Hushpups can be purchased in orders of five, eight, and 14. They're also available as an option in Krystal's current Mix 5 for $5 combo and can also be substituted instead of fries as part of any combo meal without incurring an extra charge. Hushpups are available at participating Krystal restaurants for a limited time during lunch and dinner, while supplies last.

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