Jan 21, 2015

KFC Offers New Moroccan Burger in New Zealand

KFC is offering a new Moroccan Burger as well as a new Moroccan Wrap over in New Zealand.

Collectively called the "Moroccan Range," each features "Original Recipe capsicum (bell peppers), spices, salsa, and two (grilled) Zinger tenders."

The Original Recipe bell peppers look like they might be breaded and fried. Along with the mentioned ingredients, there also appears to be bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and mayo.

While both the burger and wrap sound good, they don't really seem to embody the Mediterranean, Spanish, and/or African influences of Moroccan cuisine. At best, you might describe the ingredients as somewhat Mexican-ish.

Still, with the pared down menu KFC offers at home, it's interesting to see the variety served abroad.

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