Jan 18, 2015

King's Hawaiian Offers New Jalapeno Bread Online Only

For those who like a sweet and spicy combination, King's Hawaiian has been offering their Jalapeno Bread for sale online on their website since at least last November.

The bread is basically King's Hawaiian regular sweet bread but with diced jalapenos baked in for a bit of a kick.

Before being offered online, it was only available occasionally at one of King's Hawaiian's Southern California retail bakeries but could not be found in supermarkets like their more popular breads.

King's Jalapeno Bread is a little pricey compared to stores prices at $16 for two 1-lb. gift-boxed loaves but you can get a $2 discount by "liking" it on social media, and it's not any pricier than their regular bread from their online store.

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