Jan 14, 2015

Pizza Hut Launches Double Sensation II Pizzas in Hong Kong

Perhaps following up on the double-crusted pizzas of the same name that launched a few years ago in Singapore, Pizza Hut Hong Kong launches new Double Sensation II Pizzas to welcome the New Year. Like the Singaporean version, the pizza features two sets of stuffed crust edge; one at the actual pizza's edge and one as a ring in the middle of the pizza.

I'm not sure why the "II" as I can't find mention of a Double Sensation I pizza ever being offered in Hong Kong. It might refer to the fact that there are two versions of the Double Sensation pizzas: the Beef Legend and the Seafood Sensation.

Each comes with an inner crust ring filled with sausage and topped with toasted cheese and a double cheese crust also covered with toasted cheese, but here's how they differ:

The Beef Legend has an inner ring topped with pepperoni, cherries, peaches, and tartar sauce(!), and an outer ring topped with beef, red onions, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and barbecue sauce.

The Seafood Sensation features an inner ring topped with shrimp, cherry tomato, red onions, bell peppers, and a dill Thousand Island sauce. On the outer ring, you'll find various seafood, scallops, carrots, cranberry, okra, bell peppers, red onions, and an orange mayo sauce.

It's like they raided the produce section of the supermarket and topped each pizza section randomly. Also, I'm not sure how the tartar sauce ended up on the Beef Legend rather than the Seafood Sensation.

The Double Seasation II Pizzas are available for a limited time at $215 HK (~$27.73 US) each.

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