Jan 29, 2015

Review: Pieology - Rustic Veggie Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust

Pieology's Rustic Veggie Pizza features the company’s new Whole Wheat Crust and is topped with olive oil, red sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, green peppers, roasted red peppers, red onion, corn, garlic and fresh basil. I also added meatballs on mine because I felt like it.

It cost $7.95 for the pizza.

Like most of the new fast casual pizza places, the pizza is more the size of a medium pizza rather than a personal pizza (11.5 inches compared to 12 inches for a medium and 6 inches for a personal pizza at Pizza Hut). Which means in some cases (basically if you like to pile on a lot of toppings), it's actually cheaper to get a pizza here than at one of the major pizza chains.

It can get pretty crazy with unlimited toppings; as I was ordering this pizza, the guy ahead of me was going a bit overboard and having them pile on almost every topping (except the spicy ones) until his pizza had a deep-dish worth of toppings on a thin-crust pizza "plate."

The whole wheat crust turned out a bit crispier than Pieology's regular crust. There was a thin crispy surface along the bottom from the middle to the edge. It doesn't have as much chew to it as the regular crust though. Unlike last time, there were some air bubbles from baking and the crust was better as a whole.

There's a bit of a southwest feel to the toppings between the bell peppers, onions, corn, and garlic. The roasted red peppers in particular are notable for a bit of a spicy kick. The ricotta was also quite prominent when you come across it and good for a rich creaminess.

My addition of the meatballs wasn't all that impactful. They came in crumbled bits but provided a little meatiness here and there.

Overall, Pieology's Rustic Veggie Pizza on Whole Wheat Crust was pretty good. The crust in particular doesn't lack over their standard crust and might even be preferred by some. The topping combination works out rather nicely with a varied mix of tastes and textures (you might want to avoid  or tinker with it if you don't like onions and bell peppers though).

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