Jan 26, 2015

New KFC Double Down Dog Arrives in the Philippines

KFC's latest take on their infamous Double Down sandwich is the new, very limited-time Double Down Dog in the Philippines.

The Double Down Dog features a cheese-filled chicken hot dog nestled in a fried chicken hot dog "bun," topped with what appears to be mustard Update: confirmed: it's a honey mustard and relish dressing (some sites are reporting it as a cheese sauce but I haven't been able to find any info to corroborate that; it could be mustard, it could be cheese, it could be something else). It's basically ground chicken wrapped in fried chicken.

The hot dogs are sourced from Purefoods, a local brand which also sells the same Chick-N-Cheese Hot Dogs in grocery stores.

The fried chicken "bun" is probably a chicken breast or thigh filet fried in a special utensil to hold it in a bun-like shape during cooking. Alternatively, it could just be formed ground chicken.
It's only being offered today and tomorrow with only 50 of them at each participating location (and they already sold out today).

While the Double Down concept has proved to have some staying power abroad with fillings like beef and rice, it's been relegated to the occasional limited-time appearance here at home without any new bells and whistles.

Photos via KFC Phillippines / Facebook.

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