Apr 16, 2015

Ben & Jerry's Unveils New Ice Cream Burrito

For those looking for a less crispy, more chewy waffle cone eating experience, Ben & Jerry's unveils the a new ice cream burrito that they're calling the "BRRR-ito," set to bow on April 20, 2015 at Ben & Jerry's scoop shops nationwide.

The BRRR-ito features a waffled, chewy, crepe-like wrap filled with two scoops of any flavor(s) of ice cream. In addition in providing more chew, the wrap is described as slightly less sweet than Ben & Jerry's fresh-made waffle cones

They're showcasing the Half Baked BRRR-ito (pictured), which includes a scoop of Cookie Dough ice cream plus a scoop of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream, drizzled with chocolate fudge, topped with a cookie crumble, and rolled up in the waffle cone wrap.

The reason provided behind the development of the new ice cream burrito? Fun.

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