Apr 12, 2015

Review: Sbarro - X-treme Double Duo Pepperoni Pizza

Sbarro's X-treme Double Duo Pepperoni Pizza comes topped with Sbarro's regular pepperoni, Hormel Rosa Grande Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and pepper jack cheese.

An over-sized slice goes for $4.39 but I received this one courtesy of Sbarro.

When I ordered my slice, they heated it up in the oven, which gave it a wonderfully thin crisp quality to the crust surface.

The pepperoni were pretty nice with a lot of flavor and just a bit of heat. The regular pepperoni was thick and meaty but, along with that, it doesn't really crisp up. The little Hormel pepperoni was sliced thin and pack a lot of spicy flavor and crispy texture. The pizza is pretty oily from the pepperoni and cheese as they cooked.

I couldn't really pick out the pepper jack cheese and the cheese coverage in general was a little lacking, especially given the amount of crust to the pizza.

For a New York-style slice (usually thin crust but not Neapolitan thin), the pizza was pretty thick and bready and halfway to Sicilian territory (thick-crust pizza).

The sauce kept it pretty simple and neat with a nice tomato flavor and light seasoning.

Overall, I enjoyed Sbarro's X-treme Double Duo Pepperoni Pizza even though it's an unnecessary mouthful to say. I would have liked it more if it has a thinner crust to strike a better balance with the toppings. I really liked the two types of pepperoni though.

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