Apr 21, 2015

Review: Subway - Spicy Nacho Steak Sub

Subway's Spicy Nacho Steak sub features steak, Doritos Nacho cheese-flavored tortilla chips, green bell peppers, onions, jalapenos, and Monterey Jack-cheddar cheese blend on Italian bread.

These are currently only being offered in Southern California as part of some "Off-The-Menu Specials." I bought a 6" for $5.25.

The nacho here has to refer to the Doritos chips because the tiny scoop of cheese they add doesn't make much of an impact in taste or texture. Fortunately, the chips retain a bit of crunch and that signature bold nacho cheese flavor. It works well with the steak.

The steak doesn't really feel like steak. It feels more like tender bits of beef jerky but with more moisture.

The onions and bell peppers don't offer much flavor but provide a nice, watery crunch.

The jalapenos (hidden under the steak) deliver a decent amount of heat. Nothing too uncomfortable but enough to make you know they're there.

The bread was toasted pretty well and reminds me a lot of store-bought white bread except for the shape.

Overall, I liked Subway's Spicy Nacho Steak sub for the enjoyable combination of chips and steak. It's really pricey for the quality and quantity that's given (especially with the cheese). I'd rather just spring a little extra for a cheesesteak and bag of Doritos to combine on my own.

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