Apr 12, 2015

Unilever Releases Tootsie Pops Popsicles

Mirroring the iconic lollipops, Unilever introduces new Tootsie Pops Popsicles as well as a few other new lines of Popsicle ice pops this month.

Tootsie Pops Popsicles feature a chewy, chocolaty center with either an orange, cherry, or grape frozen ice pop shell.

Also new are Mystery Middles Popsicles and Frozen Popsicles (named after the Disney movie, not because they're frozen...).

Mystery Middles features a cherry berry shell with one of three white mystery centers: Lemonade Blast, Wacky Watermelon, and Bursting Bubble Gum.
Frozen Popsicles feature Frozen-themed colors and come in three flavors: White Cherry, Purple Berry, and Blue Raspberry.

All three new Popsicle varieties are available in 16 or 18–count boxes for a suggested retail price of $3.99.