Apr 8, 2015

New Bundt Cakes and Petite Pastries at McDonald's in Southern Callfornia

In addition to the long-awaited return of fried pies, McDonald's restaurants in Southern California are offering the new Bundt Cakes and Petite Pastries that were testing last year and have been rolling out in select markets.

The new Bundt Cakes are snack-sized cakes baked in stores and come in cinnamon and chocolate flavors. The cinnamon Bundt Cake comes drizzled with cream cheese icing, while the chocolate comes drizzled with chocolate icing.

The new Petite Pastries are flaky, snack-sized pastries that come in cinnamon and cherry flavors (I tried these when they were in test but in raspberry and cinnamon cream cheese flavors).

Both can be mixed-and-matched and are sold in a box of two for $1.99.

The new baked goods are available throughout the year, and the fast food chain plans to rotate different flavors.

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