Apr 24, 2015

McDonald's to Launch New Sirloin Third Pound Burgers in May

McDonald's is bringing back third-pound burgers with new Sirloin Third Pound Burgers coming in May.

The new burgers can be considered an update to (and return of) the Angus Third Pounders that were discontinued not too long ago in favor of variations of Quarter Pounders. Rather than Angus beef, McDonald's is going with sirloin ground beef this time around (it's the difference between a breed of cattle and a cut of beef).

There are three varieties of the new Sirloin Third Pound Burgers: Lettuce & Tomato; Bacon & Cheese; and Steakhouse (similar to the Mushroom & Swiss Angus).

The Lettuce and Tomato comes with a third-pound sirloin beef patty, white cheddar, leaf lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, mustard, and mayo.

The Bacon and Cheese includes a third-pound sirloin beef patty, thick-cut bacon, white cheddar, red onion, pickle, ketchup, and mustard.

The Steakhouse consists of a third-pound sirloin beef patty, new creamy peppercorn sauce, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and white cheddar.

Beyond the beef, some notable differences from the Angus Third Pounders include regular pickles (over crinkle-cut ones), white cheddar cheese instead of Swiss in the Steakhouse burger, and the same grill seasoning as the Clubhouse burgers rather than the Angus burger seasoning used before.

The new Sirloin Third Pound Burgers will go for $4.99 each starting May 11, 2015. If you're looking to try them early, they're already available in the New York Tri-State area.

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