Apr 15, 2015

Review: McDonald's - Bundt Cakes

McDonald's Bundt Cakes are snack-sized cakes baked in-restaurant and come in cinnamon coffee cake and double chocolate flavors. The cinnamon Bundt Cake comes drizzled with cream cheese icing, while the chocolate comes drizzled with chocolate icing.

They come two for $1.99 so I selected one of each. For the price, you get about as much food as you get from a packet of Hostess snacks from the convenience store. The Bundt Cakes are currently only offered in select markets.

These have a nice, fresh-baked taste to them; they weren't warm but there were some sensory cues of oven browning.

Both cakes were moist, but the chocolate one was super moist and very chocolaty; I saved a little for the next day and it retained its moisture pretty well.

The cinnamon Bundt cake offered a more understated but enjoyable plain cake flavor with a hint of cinnamon (I tried it again recently and noticed a coffee cake crumb topping embedded in the bottom of the cake; it adds some texture and sweetness).

The icing came hardened and brittle. They were mostly just sweet; I didn't detect any notes of cream cheese on the cinnamon cake and very little chocolate on the chocolate cake (I tried them both again recently and the frosting was much softer and malleable; I think the ones I ate for review had been sitting out longer).

Overall, McDonald's Bundt Cakes were really enjoyable, especially the chocolate one. They'd go pretty well with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate during a coffee break, which I believe is the whole idea behind these. The icing could use a little work though.

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