Apr 6, 2015

Fried Pies are Back at McDonald's in SoCal

Fried Pies are back at McDonald's restaurants here in Southern California and are replacing the previous baked version on the menu.

The deep-fried turnover-style pies with the crispy, bubbly crust come in two fairly traditional varieties: Cherry and Apple.

They're being offered at 79 cents a piece but the two for $1 deal has been phased out (at least at my local McDonald's).

According to the company, the pies are available all year long and a rotation of flavors is planned.

McDonald's fried pies were originally discontinued in the US back in 1992 in favor of a baked pie, which was seen as a (slightly) healthier alternative. It was still offered at select locations in the US and at pretty much all McDonald's restaurants in the rest of the world.

(And, yes, I did run out and buy one right away; they ran out of apple though.)

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