Apr 25, 2015

Sonic Adds More Candy to Slushes for the Summer

Last year, Sonic added Nerds candies to their signature icy Slush beverages. Heading into summer this year, they're adding even more candy-flavored Slushes by throwing crushed Jolly Ranchers and popping candy (similar to Pop Rocks) into the mix for a limited time.

As part of the candy theme, Sonic has added two Kevin Durant Slushes: The All-Star and The Game Changer (Kevin Durant is a star professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder and has a sponsorship deal with Sonic; Sonic is based in Oklahoma City).

The All-Star is a blue raspberry slush with Nerds and rainbow candy, while the Game Changer features lemon, strawberries, and Nerds with rainbow candy.

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