Apr 14, 2015

Review: Subway - Autumn Roasted Chicken Sub

Subway's Autumn Roasted Chicken Sub features roasted chicken, strips of bacon, red and green apple slices, Swiss cheese, spinach, cucumbers, and barbecue sauce on 9-grain wheat bread.

It doesn't come cheap; a 6-inch ran me $5.25.

The sub is one of three "Off-the-Menu Specials" that Subway is currently only offering here in Southern California.

The apples are the same as they offer for a side in a plastic pouch. For the six-inch version of the sub, they put in four slices and gave me the rest of the pouch (which had two slices left).

They don't actually cut the slices smaller or anything so there were four thick, crunchy apples along with the chicken, veggies, cheese, and bread I was trying to cram in my pie hole (basically it'd be better if they cut them smaller). The apples were not very sweet at all; the green ones in particular were more (really) sour than anything (they were like the lemons of the apple world).

The chicken had a nice flavor and was moist. There was enough of it to get some chicken in every bite but your mileage may vary. Between the barbecue sauce and the apples, the taste gets a little bit lost in the shuffle.

The bacon similarly gets lost and imparts a slight smoke flavor here and there. Even with the toasting, it's not crispy at all.

The barbecue was very sweet and tangy, with the apples lending a fruity note. It tended to overshadow the rest of the sandwich.

The cheese was nicely melted to a semi-solid goo. It was creamy with a slight bitterness.

The spinach wasn't really felt or heard/tasted but the cucumbers provided a refreshing, watery crunch.

Overall, Subway's Autumn Roasted Chicken Sub just didn't quite mesh for me. While I liked the various textures, taste-wise, it was like barbecue sauce with odd notes of everything else. If you try it, I recommend foregoing the barbecue sauce to get a better, less busy sense of the rest of the sandwich.

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