Apr 19, 2015

Review: Blaze Pizza - Red Vine Pizza

Blaze Pizza's Red Vine Pizza is basically their version of a margherita pizza and comes topped with ovalini mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, basil, red sauce, and olive oil drizzle.

It goes for $7.65 but I received this one courtesy of Blaze Pizza.

With a fairly simple topping mix, the cheese really needed to stand out here. While the mozzarella that was present was fresh, gooey, and creamy, the coverage was spotty and the general amount was lacking; there wasn't all that much parmesan either.

That pretty much left me with tomato sauce, olive oil, and basil, which is nice for breadsticks, but pizza needs cheese!

The crust is really good though. It offered a thin crispiness but with just the right amount of chew so that it didn't feel like eating a cracker.

Overall, Blaze Pizza's Red Vine Pizza whiffed on the cheese portion for me. Fortunately, they'll pretty much add as much cheese as you want (I just went with the default portion for review purposes) and the rest of the pizza was very good.

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