Jul 30, 2015

Dunkin' Donuts Unleashes New Voodoo Wraps on India

Going with a rather ominous name, Dunkin' Donuts is serving up new Voodoo Wraps over in India.

They're using with the hashtag #TheOtherSide to play on the theme of the wraps which come in either a green (to denote that it's vegetarian) or red (to denote that it contains meat) tortilla.

Apparently there are also "Wicked" and "Not So Wicked" versions with four varieties in all. Here are the brand's descriptions of each:
- Wicked Veg - "Don't let this innocent looking wrap fool you. It's a happy mélange of mixed veg nuggets, Garbanzo beans, crushed crispy nachos and everything wicked all wrapped in a soft tortilla wrap." 
- Not So Wicked Veg - "Prepare for a plot twist as this tender tortilla base is loaded with succulent cottage cheese, fresh veggies, aromatic spices and (surprise, surprise!) tangy raw mango tickle and crispy Mexican nachos." 
- Not So Wicked Non Veg - "It's just what you unexpected. The aromatic spices and yogurt romance the tender chicken in the soft tortilla base while the crispy Mexican nachos and devilish sauces have something else in mind." 
- Wicked Non Veg - "Every bite's a devilish surprise inside this soft tortilla wrap as the saucy marinated spicy chicken tenders hits the hot, sweet and sour flavour notes simultaneously while the crispy Mexican Nachos tangoes with your taste buds."
It's not immediately clear why they're called "Voodoo Wraps," but the chicken tenders and veggie nuggets appear to be covered in a black seasoning, so that might be the reason.

In case it helps shed any light, here's a video of the new mysterious wraps:

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