Jul 19, 2015

Papa John's Introduces "Lighter Choice" Pizzas

Papa John's introduces a new line of lower-calorie pizzas that they're calling "Papa's Lighter Choices."

Each serving (1 slice of a large pizza) of the new pizzas come in at 300 calories or less.

The lower-calorie menu includes:

- Mediterranean Veggie - Onions, Roma tomatoes, banana peppers, mushrooms, and black olives.
- Chicken & Veggie - Grilled chicken, onions, Roma tomatoes, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and black olives.
- Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon - Grilled chicken, Roma tomatoes, and Canadian bacon
- Tropical Luau - Canadian bacon, pineapple, and green bell peppers.
- Hawaiian Chicken - Grilled chicken and pineapple.

Basically, they've made the pizzas lighter by putting less cheese on them (a "lighter portion of cheese" is what they're calling it). For example, a slice of a large Hawaiian Chicken pizza comes in at  260 calories compared to 295 calories for the same sized slice of a plain cheese pizza.

Additionally, the chain has added an online nutritional calculator so you can easily figure out the calorie count (and other nutritional info) of your pizza regardless of the topping and sauce combination. You can find the calculator on the Papa John's website here.

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