Jul 12, 2015

Pizza Hut Australia's New Pizza Basically Has Pot Pies Embedded in the Crust

Pizza Hut Australia's latest pizza features an outer crust with mini Australian meat pies embedded in it.

Meat pies are similar to pot pies and traditionally come filled with meat and gravy. A key difference is that they tend to be hand pies (i.e. you pick them up and eat them with your hands rather than with a fork and/or knife).

The new pizza is called the Four'n Twenty Stuffed Crust pizza, after the brand that manufactures the pies. There are 8 meat pies per pizza and, apparently, they lift out of the crust quite easily. Squeezable packets of tomato sauce are included on the side.

I imagine if they ever brought this over to the States, they would include mini versions of KFC's (Pizza Hut's sister chain) chicken pot pie in the crust.

You can see a video of Pizza Hut's Four'n Twenty Stuffed Crust pizza below:

Photos via Pizza Hut Australia.

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