Jul 3, 2015

Tic Tac Comes Up with New "Mixers" Dual-Flavored Mints

Tic Tac launches new Mixers dual-flavored mints this summer. The new mints come in two varieties: Cherry Cola and Peach Lemonade.

Tic Tac Mixers come in the same pill-shape as regular Tic Tacs but sport a slightly different wrapper.

Cherry Cola Mixers feature an outer layer of cherry flavor that gives way to a cola flavor, while Peach Lemonade features an outer flavor of peach with an inner flavor of lemonade.

They were kind enough to send me samples of both flavors and the outer flavor seemed like the more dominant flavor and at the midpoint you get a combination of both flavors. The cola flavor was more tangy than I'd expect.

You can expect them to cost around $1 per 1-oz container.

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