Jul 6, 2015

New Oreo Thins Meant to Be "More Sophisticated" Cookies

In case Oreos are too childish for you, Nabisco unveils new Oreo Thins, calling them "a more grown-up option" versus the original.

The thinner version of the classic cookie sandwich basically looks like an Oreo run over by a cartoon steamroller. The wafers are described as crisp and delicate.

If the packaging is any indication, there's less wafer and creme filling per cookie. The calorie count is 140 calories per four Oreo Thins versus 160 calories for three original Oreo cookies. The brand suggests pairing them with a latte or cup of tea rather than the traditional dunk into milk.

Oreo Thins will be available nationwide starting Monday, July 13, 2015 in three flavors: Original, Golden, and Mint. The suggested price per 10.1-oz package is $4.59.

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