Jul 1, 2015

Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Candy Bars Back for Summer 2015

Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Candy Bars are once again back for the summer and are available through September.

The candy bars are made under license from the Girls Scouts and come in the same three varieties since they first launched in 2012:

- Thin Mints - Dark chocolate cookie wafers layered with mint chocolate crème, topped with rice crisp balls and covered in a dark chocolaty coating

- Caramel & Coconut - Cookie wafers layered with coconut caramel creme and chewy caramel, topped with toasted coconut and covered with a dark chocolaty coating that's drizzled with caramel.

- Peanut Butter Creme - Cookie wafers layered with smooth peanut butter creme, topped with rice crisp balls, and covered in a creamy, chocolaty coating

You can find Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars in either single bars or as mini "fun-size" bars in a new bag. The suggested price for the single bar is 99 cents while the bag goes for $3.49.

You can find my review of all three bars here.

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