Jul 2, 2015

Review: Little Caesars - Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers

Little Caesars Cheese-N-Pretzel Dippers are short pretzel breadsticks with warm cheese dip.

An order includes 16 Dippers and cost me $3.49.

The price compares well to an order of 8 Crazy Bread with Crazy Sauce (pizza sauce), which costs $3.29 in my area. It looks like they just took the same breadsticks but cut them in half, gave them the pretzel treatment, and baked them.

The Dippers were fresh from the oven and seem to made from the same dough as their Crazy Bread. It had a nice warm, squishy, and soft quality. The pretzel treatment gives them a definite skin as well as the expected pretzel flavor. There were some sizable air pockets from baking that were interestingly different as it's common enough with pizza dough but not as much for pretzel bread.

The buttery spread and salt coverage was pretty inconsistent but added the proper flavors. They didn't put as much salt as the typical pretzel but I like it better that way as I usually find myself rubbing some of the salt off.

The cheese sauce was almost hot as they keep them resting in the same warmer as the Hot-N-Ready pizzas. The cheese was pretty mild like a nacho cheese unless you go really heavy with it. There was plenty to go around unless you like to have more cheese than pretzel in every bite.

I actually liked these better than their pretzel crust pizza, which I found too cheesy and too salty (on account of all the cheese/cheese sauce on top of the pretzel salt).

Overall, Little Caesars Cheese-N-Pretzel Dipper were pretty nice, offering a similar experience to a fresh-baked mall pretzel but with more bang for the buck. I'd have a hard time choosing these over their amazing (and relatively cheap) $3.99 Italian Cheese Bread though unless I was really in a pretzel mood.

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