Jul 2, 2015

You Can Now Get New Sausage with Bacon Jerky in it at Walmart

Jack Link's, probably best known for their jerky products, is expanding into the grilling sausage business with the launch of a new sausage line, which includes bratwurst with bacon jerky, available exclusively at Walmart.

They're calling the the new line "Wild Side Sausages," which, in my mind, conjures up rabbit or buffalo sausage but is actually just incorporating part of their "Feed Your Wild Side" slogan

The line up includes five varieties including Original Hardwood Smoked Sausage, Hardwood Smoked with Cheddar Sausage, JalapeƱo Sausage, Bratwurst with Bacon Jerky, and Bratwurst with Peppered Jerky.

The new line comes fully cooked and carry a suggested retail price of $3.98 per 12-oz package.

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