Jul 31, 2015

McDonald's Australia Testing "Gourmet Breakfast"

McDonald's Australia has been testing a customizable "Gourmet Breakfast" menu in at least two locations: one in Annerly, Queensland and another in Thornleigh, New South Wales.

The test has been ongoing since at least April of this year and includes five main items (which look really good, if the included Instagram pictures are any indication):

Corn Fritters - Corn Fritters accompanied by avocado, grilled tomato, crumbled feta, tomato relish, and spinach - $9 (~$6.58 US)

Belgian Waffles with Yogurt - a Belgian waffle topped with yogurt and mixed berries - $7 AUS (~$5.11 US)

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Avocado Smash - A slice of toasted sourdough topped with avocado, spinach, tomato, and feta - 7 (~$5.11 US)

Bacon & Egg Roll - Back bacon, egg, spinach, and tomato relish on a toasted brioche bun - $5.95 US (~$4.35 US)

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Cafe Breakfast - Like a fancier version of the Big Breakfast, it includes back and pork belly bacon, chipolata sausage, scrambled eggs, wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes, hash brown, tomato relish, and a toasted slice of sourdough bread - $11 AUS (~$8.04 US)

The items can be customized to some extent at an ordering kiosk.

Now before you think that this feels too out of place for McDonald's, you have to consider that the locations where the breakfast is being tested include a McCafe counter as well as a Create Your Own Burger Bar.

The burgers look like this:

The coffee looks like this:

And the Belgian Waffles can also be had with ice cream like this:

'Nuff said.

First photo via Imgur.

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