Jul 19, 2015

Review: McDonald's - Fried Peach Pie

McDonald's Fried Peach Pie recently became available here in Southern California for the summer. It features a peach filling with a crispy deep-fried turnover-style crust.

I bought one for 79 cents.

I tried the baked version back in 2011 and the filling seems much the same, which is the say very sweet (maybe too sweet) and reasonably peachy. The syrup was fairly thin (although it could just be the heat of the pie causing it to be so), which left the diced peaches to shift around a bit, leaving some uneven bites. There was a decent amount of peaches in general though.

The crispy, crackly, bubbly pie crust is a wonderful thing that, beyond offering layers of various degrees of crunch, reminds me of eating McDonald's pies as a kid (before they largely switched to baked pies). The particular pie I had looked to have been recently out of the fryer and had just a bit more of that great crispiness than usual.

Overall, McDonald's Fried Peach Pie didn't disappoint as far as the crust goes but was just alright for me regarding the filling, which was a little too syrupy and sweet.

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