Jul 9, 2015

KFC Philippines Offering New "Chizza" Chicken Pizza

KFC yesterday launched a personal pizza with a boneless fried chicken breast filet as the crust instead of the usual dough over in the Philippines. They're calling it the "Chizza."

The fried chicken filet was spotted over at BGR and comes topped with pizza sauce, pineapples, pepperoni, onion, bell peppers, and cheese. Basically, it's the same as one of the chicken filets from the Double Down but re-purposed as crust and topped like a pizza.

While throwing the words "pizza chicken" or "fried chicken crust pizza" around tends to illicit some excitement, it's not much of a departure from chicken parmesan and is very similar in concept to Domino's Specialty Chicken.

You can check out KFC's new Chizza in action below:

Photos via KFC Philippines.

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