Jul 29, 2015

Japanese Burger Chain Tries Halved Tomato in Lieu of Bun

Mos Burger, a burger chain out in Japan is offering a giant halved-tomato in place of a regular bun for their latest burger offering.

In between the bun-sized tomato halves, you'll find a burger patty, onion, lettuce, and sauce. The burger only comes in a combo with a Caprese salad cup for 880 yen (~$7.07 US).

It's only available at one location in Osaki, Tokyo from 2 PM to 5 PM through the end of August.

In case you're wondering how it tastes, the folks at Rocket News 24 tried it recently and took many-a-photo.

It should be noted that Mos Burger regularly offers a rice bun in addition to normal burger buns. I wonder if they'll do an onion bun burger next.

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