Jul 19, 2015

Olive Garden's New Mascots for Kids All Have Crazy Eyes

The Olive Garden recently introduced a new gang of food-based, cartoon mascots for their kids menu and, for whatever reason, they all sport crazy eyes and somewhat crazed expressions.

Seriously, none of them look directly at you (or at each other, for that matter) and all of their pupils appear to act independently of one another and are gazing off into different directions. Okay, to be fair, one of them is wearing sunglasses so could potentially be making eye contact with both eyes, but it's unlikely given the eye orientation of the rest of the cartoon mascots.

The line up includes Ollie the Olive, Gina Grape (the one with sunglasses), Bene Breadsticks, Tonya Tomato, and Ricky Ravoli.

Looking at the way the characters are drawn, I'm not sure if Olive Garden is trying to creep out your kids or make a really odd play at being "cool."

Images via Olive Garden.

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