Friday, December 20, 2013

News: New Pringles Tortilla Crisps

Pringles is branching out into corn tortilla chips with the introduction of new Pringles Tortilla Crisps. The chips are currently available at Walmart and will be available at retailers nationwide in January.

The new tortilla chips come in three flavors: Truly Original, Nacho Cheese, and Southwestern Ranch (Walmart also carries Zesty Salsa as an exclusive flavor).

Each Pringles Tortilla Crisp features the curved oval shape of regular Pringles.

Truly Original comes in 6.07-ounce canisters, while all other flavors come in 6.42-ounce canisters. The canisters retail for $1.50 each.

Some of you might remember a similar product by former Pringles parent company, Procter & Gamble (Pringles is now owned by Kelloggs), called Torengos. Like Pringles, Torengos came stacked in canisters but were shaped like curved triangles rather than ovals.
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