Jan 1, 2013

News: Dairy Queen - January 2013 Blizzard of the Month

Dairy Queen's kicks off the new year with a Blizzard that offers the variety of a box of chocolates with the return of the Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard (last seen in July 2012). The featured Blizzard of the Month for January 2013 features a vanilla soft serve base blended with cocoa fudge and assorted mini chocolates (filled with hazelnut creme, fudge, and caramel).

A Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard Cake is also available for your dessert-serving needs.

Nutritional Info - Dairy Queen Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard - Small (337g)
Calories - 690 (from Fat - 270)
Fat - 30g (Saturated Fat - 17g)
Sodium - 260mg
Carbs - 93g (Sugar - 79g)
Protein - 14g

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  1. Oh how I love Dairy Queen...why won't they bring it to the UK? WHY?!


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