Jan 3, 2013

Around the World: Wendy's Japan Celebrates Anniversary with the Prestige Truffle Cream Burger

Wendy's Japan celebrates a year of of their re-entry into the Japanese market with the addition of the new, limited-time Prestige Truffle Cream burger as part of their Japan Premium line.

The burger features a truffle cream and a mushroom Madeira sauce along with a spring mix atop a single or double beef patty.

The burger is reminiscent of the foie gras and truffle burger they re-entered the market with, but is eminently more affordable at "just" 480 yen (~$5.50 US) for the single and 630 yen (~$7.21 US) for the double compared to $16 for the foie gras burger. Wendy's has since dropped foie gras from their menu.

The Prestige Truffle Cream is also available in an Anniversary Set (what we'd call a "combo") which includes the burger, a regular Chili, a Coke Freestyle fountain drink, an Irina roll cake, and a Wendy's tote bag for 1,200 yen (~$13.74 US).

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