Jan 2, 2013

Review: Foster's Freeze - Old Fashion Burger

Foster's Freeze is a Californian soft-serve chain that eventually branched out into burgers and fries. I'd never seen a burger Foster's Freeze before this one. I know them mostly as the licensor of frozen desserts for El Pollo Loco, so I was a little curious to try their savory fare.

Their Old Fashion burger features a quarter-pound patty, a slice of American cheese, lettuce, tomato pickles, and Foster All American Sauce (i.e. "secret sauce").

It was $2.99 for the burger.

As far as a standard burger goes, this one was pretty average. All the ingredients were well proportioned without any excess of one or another, but the only thing I really noted was that the lettuce was very nice; a fresh, crispy leaf was folded on itself. Also, it's an onion-less burger.

The cheese was just enough to cover the burger patty and the patty was fairly fresh off the grill.

The bun was a bit lighter than the norm and seemed un-toasted. Not so great if you're getting it to-go as the sauce would absorb into the bun pretty easily.

Overall, Foster's Freeze's Old Fashion burger was just very run-of-the-mill. Decent, but not very memorable.


  1. When I saw that you had reviewed this, I figured there was no way you would like it much. We used to get these once in a while, and I was never very impressed... as you accurately said, their burgers are simply average. I think their chili dogs are a little better though.

  2. I grew up on Foster's Freeze but I really can't recall ever getting a simple burger there. They're more about milkshakes, greasy mozzarella sticks and fried mushrooms and I remember liking their BLT. Just a simple greasy shack. Good for what they are. I remember their menu being extremely large for a place where I can't imagine people order anything too wild.

  3. The Foster's Freezes have been serving burgers since I was a child...over 45 years now.. and more..I used to enjoy when they had bbq beef could also get things like cherry dr. peppers.. Their best burger is The Boss..with onion rings inside.. and they have great Nathan's hot dogs now.. Always a solid burger place.. Dunno where you live, But I've never seen a Foster's WITHOUT burgers.


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