Saturday, June 15, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Singapore - New Durian McFlurry

McDonald's Singapore Durian McFlurry
McDonald's Singapore makes an interesting move for a fast food chain of general appeal by incorporating an extremely polarizing fruit into their latest, limited-time McFlurry, the new Durian Crunch McFlurry.

For those of you who have never heard of or encountered the durian fruit, it is an extremely pungent large fruit with a spiky shell that would not look out of place as the head of a mace.

How pungent is it? Put it this way: the durian is the only fruit banned from Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, and it's not because you can brain people with it in a pinch. People either really love it, or they despise it with all of their being.

McDonald's Durian Crunch McFlurry features a mix of vanilla soft serve, durian syrup, and what looks to be some kind of crunchy cereal. It's available at all McDonald's dessert kiosk outlets for $2.80 SG (~$2.24 US) for a limited time, which could be a cue for Singaporeans to either run to, or from, the nearest McDonald's kiosk.
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