Jan 22, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Singapore - New Lychee Chocolate Frappe

Over in Singapore, McDonald's is going with the odd pairing of lychee and chocolate for their new, limited-time McCafe Litchi Coco Frappe. While Lychee tends to go well with other fruit, the pairing with chocolate in an ice-blended beverage doesn't sound too promising.

Fortunately, they're also offering a limited-time, new Clementine Orange Mousse Cake featuring orange mousse, orange (?) cake, and orange pieces for good measure. They had previously offered a similar dessert but with chocolate cake paired with orange mousse.

Finally, only at McDonald's desserts kiosks in the city-state, there's the limited-time Passion Fruit McFlurry. It's made with vanilla soft serve, passion fruit-flavored syrup, and crispy cereal bits.