Jan 22, 2014

News: Jelly Belly - New Beer-Flavored Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly debuts the world's first beer-flavored jelly bean with new Draft Beer Flavor jelly beans. Inspired by the brand's German roots, they aimed for a Hefeweizen ale flavor.

According to Jelly Belly, "beer has been a highly-requested flavor for decades" and the beer flavor took about three years to perfect. The new variety should come as no surprise from the company that brought us popcorn-flavored jelly beans.

The Draft Beer Flavor jelly bean sports a golden hue with an iridescent finish. The flavor is described as "clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness" with a "mildly bready" aroma. For those looking for the real thing, there's unfortunately no alcohol in the new jelly beans.

It's not the first time Jelly Belly has been inspired by alcoholic beverages; through the years, they've also come up with Mai Tai, Blackberry Brandy, Strawberry, Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Margarita, and Mojito flavors.

You should start seeing the new flavor early this year.