Jan 25, 2014

News: Snyder's of Hanover - New Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces

Following the trend for more sweet and salty snacks, Snyder's of Hanover now offers new Cinnamon Sugar and Salted Caramel varieties of their Flavored Pretzel Pieces.

Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Pieces feature cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on lightly-salted sourdough pretzel pieces.

Sweet and Salty Salted Caramel Pretzel Pieces consists of buttery caramel with flecks of salt on hard sourdough pretzel pieces.

Both flavors come in 10-ounce bags with a suggested retail price starting at $3.69.

The move isn't too surprising. With popcorn and chips sporting the same type of flavors, it was inevitable that snack pretzels would move in the same direction.