Jan 16, 2014

News: Pizza Hut - New, Revamped Hand-Tossed Pizza

Pizza Hut has gone back to the drawing board with their Hand-Tossed pizza and now offers a new version featuring a "lighter, airier crust topped with real cheese made from mozzarella and brushed with a garlic buttery flavor."*

The whole garlic buttery spread sounds very similar to Domino's current hand-tossed pizza, which was introduced back in 2010. Not to be left out, Papa John's offers buttery garlic sauce for dipping with every pizza order so it's pretty much "garlic buttery" all around.

Pizza Hut's new Hand-Tossed crust is being offered with any number of toppings, in any size for an introductory price of $10. Additionally, Pizza Hut is offering free pizza guarantee that customers will love the new pizza. If they don't their next pizza (redeemable within 30 days of purchase) will be free.

*Note: When they specifically say "real cheese made from mozzarella," that tends to mean it's a processed cheese made with mozzarella among its ingredients otherwise they would say something like "made from 100% mozzarella."