Jan 13, 2014

News: Pizza Hut Testing Pizza by the Slice

Pizza Hut is testing pizza by the slice as a possible future offering at two locations starting tomorrow.

According to this AP story, each slice will cost between $2 to $3 and take about three to four minutes to heat (which is about the same as for your standard neighborhood pizzeria but slower than the 90 seconds of the Turbo Chef ovens 7-Eleven has been using) and will require new ovens to do the heating.

The standard pizza chain oven is a conveyor oven, rather than the front-loading kind you'll find at mom-and-pop shops, and isn't really ideal for heating stuff up.

The slices will be cut from an 18" pie (compared to a standard Pizza Hut large at 14").

The test locations are in York, Nebraska and Pawtucket, Rhode Island and debut a new fast-casual restaurant concept and look for the chain.

A spokesperson for the company told the AP that Pizza Hut plans to test variants of the concept throughout this year.