Apr 18, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's New Iced Coffee in Germany Somehow Looks Better than Ours

McDonald's recently introduced new Iced Coffee in Germany and it looks a lot better than the milk, sugar, ice, and brewed coffee we get here in the States.

First off, it starts with vanilla bourbon ice cream and then tops it off with espresso and vanilla syrup before finishing with sweet whipped cream on top. Sounds like dessert!

Basically, while it's literally called "iced coffee" in Germany, it's more like "coffee with ice cream." And, generally if you're at a coffeehouse or ice cream parlor, ordering an iced coffee ("Eiskaffee") will typically get you something similar.

You might be able to get your local McDonald's to make you something similar, but I'm not sure you order espresso shots here in the States (they can make them; they might not know how to charge you for it though). It'd be nice to try though.