Apr 21, 2014

News: KFC - Double Down Returns for a Limited Time

KFC's bunless sandwich, the Double Down, returns starting today at participating KFC restaurants (although a few locations here and there have been continuously offering it since it was launched).

Since it was launched in 2010, the Double Down has made the rounds in various countries around the world including Canada, Australia, South Korea, and more. Some countries even got their own variations of the sandwich like the a smaller junior version in the Philippines and chicken bacon for the Malaysian version (where pork is pretty much verboten). And now, it makes it way back home here in the US.

The Double Down features bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and Colonel's sauce between two white meat Original Recipe filets (Of course, I tried it back in 2010 and offered my own tweaks).

With the launch, the chain declared, "Bread is dead." Never mind that they offer delectable biscuits and a few sandwich items.

The Double Down is only available through Sunday, May 25, 2014.