Apr 10, 2014

News: Taco Bell Testing Flamin' Hot Fritos Nachos Dip

Taco Bell is testing something they're calling Double Dippers out in Bakersfield, CA.

The new test item is so named because it features a triangularly-folded grilled stuffed flour tortilla with two cups for dipping: one filled with warm nacho cheese and the other filled with crushed Flamin' Hot Fritos corn chips.

The idea is that you first dip the stuffed tortilla into the nacho cheese and then dip it into the Flamin' Hot Fritos; it's kinda like a reverse Grilled Stuft Nacho (which was, in turn, a portable version of nachos).

Inside the grilled stuffed tortilla, you'll find seasoned beef and a melted blend of 3 cheeses.

The Double Dipper is being offered at 99 cents, which is probably a test price to spur people to buy it. The similar Grilled Stuft Nachos ended up being priced at $1.29, so that seems a more likely price should the Double Dipper end up making it out of testing (I hope it does as it sounds pretty awesome and I'd like to try it).