Apr 11, 2014

News: KFC Offers Chicken Corsages for Prom

In one of the stranger marketing ideas this year, KFC is offering Chicken Corsages for prom-goers this year. You know, in case you want to give your date something savory and deep-fried that she can eat, while you dance the night away.

KFC has commissioned a limited number of the Chicken Corsages, which are being sold online for $20 each (plus shipping) by Nanz & Kraft, a florist based in Louisville, KY.

Only 100 are available and the chicken is not actually included. Each corsage kit comes complete with a $5 KFC gift check so that you can buy whichever variety of KFC drumstick is her favorite.

Local corsages come with fresh baby's breath flowers, while orders from further away will come with silk baby's breath.

In case you're wondering how awkward giving your prom date a Chicken Corsage might be, KFC has a fairly good idea, as shown in this video: