Apr 8, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Adds New Curry Burgers to Germany

While the McDonald's Extra Value Menu here in the States most recently added ingredients like buffalo sauce and bacon for variety, over in Germany, the newest kids on the McDonald's value menu are the Curry Beef and Curry Chicken sandwiches.

While McDonald's has done curry burgers in some Asian countries (like Japan and Hong Kong) in the past, it's a little bit rarer for more western, European market (which is not to say they've never done it and they do offer a curry sauce for dipping in some countries like the UK).

Like much of the value menu, the new Curry Beef and Curry Chicken sandwiches veer towards sweet simplicity. Each features either a beef or crispy chicken patty along with a spicy curry sauce and sliced onions on a regular hamburger bun. They go for 1 Euro each.