Apr 8, 2014

Review: Taco Bell - Chicken Ranch Flatbread Griller

Taco Bell's Chicken Ranch Flatbread Griller is reminiscent of the Flatbread Sandwiches they offered a while ago and features avocado ranch dressing, shredded cheese, and strips of white meat chicken wrapped up in a warm, grilled flatbread. It's currently being tested in select locations in Southern California.

I picked one up for $1.29.

For those of you who miss the Chicken Flatbread Sandwich, the flatbread here is a bit different in several ways. For one, it's thinner and more like a lavash than the more pillowy, more Gordita-like shell of its predecessor. Secondly, the bread appears to have been produced specially for the Flatbread Griller; rather than a round or square/rectangle shape, it's shaped like an oval with a hill sticking out of one side. The rather odd shape makes it easy to fold into the open-ended envelope of the Flatbread Griller.

There's a nice, soft chewiness to the bread and the grilling gives it just the slightest bit of crispiness. On the other hand, the grilling also wilts the lettuce a little bit. It might be a better idea to just warm the flatbread before filling rather than grill-pressing it after. I know they do the same thing for the Crunchwrap Supreme, but there are more buffer ingredients (including the flour tortilla itself) to protect the lettuce from cooking.

As a value item, there wasn't much in the way of chicken or cheese, but there was enough to add the requisite flavor and texture. Depending on how it's put together, I can foresee some people getting a half with lots of chicken and a half with none. The taste is classic Taco Bell and about the same as a Taco Bell Chicken Soft Taco. The avocado ranch added a creamy tang but not much avocado flavor.

Overall, I enjoyed the Chicken Ranch Flatbread Griller as a cheap value option. Like a lot of Taco Bell limited-time items, the taste is familiar with just a slight tweak, but I liked the tweak.