Apr 28, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Romania Offers Romanian-Themed Menu with Meatballs!

Over in Romania, McDonald's is offering a Romanian-themed menu featuring deep-fried cheese and meatballs. The menu is available through the end of May and they're dubbing "Romanian Weeks."

There are four items to the menu and they all sound pretty delectable.

There's Breaded Cheese, which are savory, deep-fried, breaded cottage cheese triangles.

There are Meatballs, which are made of pork and it looks like you just get a cup of them for a meaty poppable snack.

Also available is a Horseradish Pork Sandwich featuring a formed pork patty, like that of the McRib but sans barbecue sauce, served with horseradish mustard, slivered onions, and pickles on a corn-dusted roll.

Finally for dessert, there are Mini Cheese Pancakes with Ice Cream, which aren't really pancakes (at least not by our definition) and are actually deep-fried, breaded sweet cottage cheese balls topped with soft serve ice cream and strawberry topping.